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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super Cool Textured Wall Art DIY Tutorial!

        Hello everyone!  Sorry to be gone for so long between posts, some crazy thing have been happening with my hubbys job, mix that with crazy snow and ice weather and I am a ball of stress!  Things have finally calmed down and I am happy to present a tutorial on this painting that I displayed in my last post - 
Its super easy!  Just a little tedious.  
     Things needed :
  •  Either an old painting you wish to revamp, or a new canvas to put your painting on.  (Could also be a piece or wood or something, get creative!)
  • Paint in various colors
  • Small 6" Roller (Paint brush would work too, but I liked a roller much better)
  • 2 inch painters tape
  • Hot glue gun (Optional)
  • Utility knife
  • Lots of patience (Mandatory!)
Step 1 -
        Prepare your surface.  If using a brand new canvas, you can skip this step. :)  If using an old painting or old canvas, check it for damage.  For instance - the canvas I had was left by the previous owners of my home.  I found it out in the garage when we bought the house.  It was a pretty picture, but had rips in it! :(

I really had no idea what I was doing, but I had seen that famous DIY painting on Pinterest so many times so I figured I would try it out. (Like this - If you have any rips like I had in mine, just pull our your glue gun and glue those babys down!  Don't worry about it being perfect, that is what our next step is for.

Step 2 - 
       Priming and adding texture.   Alright, so if you had to glue up some rips, you have got some ugly scars all over your canvas now right?  Well never fear, the glue gun is here!  I just started drawing random squigglys all over the canvas.  Sometimes I would draw swirls, shapes, just whatever floated my boat at the time.  In some spots I wrote "secret messages".  I wrote the date and year in squiggles and my husband and mines initials.  You will notice your scars blend in!  Those of your with perfect canvasas to start with, you are welcome to add texture or not depending on your personal preference!  Now using a cheap paint (all the paint I used was left over house paint) prime all over it and let it dry!

Step 3  - 
       Start painting all over the canvas.  Here is where you get to be creative.  Use a brush, your fingers, a roller, I don't care.  Use whatever colors you like, in whatever strokes you like! Just cover the whole canvas.  

Step 4 - 
       Taping.  Here is where the patience comes in.  This part admittedly made me feel a little crazy.  Like it was never going to be complete.  Get our your 2 inch painters tape, and start rolling it out and cutting it into rectangles.  The easiest system I found was to get a cardboard box, figure out how long I wanted each "brick" to be, then use that measurement and make marks on the cardboard box.  That way I could quickly pull tape, stick it to the cardboard box on the measurement line, then use a utility knife to cut it.  You become quite a machine at this if you have as big of a canvas as I did.  As you cut the pieces, go ahead and stick them on.  Don't get too perfectionist here, I promise it will look alright in the end, just eyeball it.  (Make sure and cut pieces to wrap around the edges, this really completes the look)

Step 5 - 
         Final Coat.  Once you are done with that.  Stand back and admire your handiwork.  Seriously, do it!  Now paint over everything with white. (Or whatever color you choose).  I went with a roller here because it seems better about not "leaking" underneath the tape.  

Step 6 - 
        Pull of all that tape. Pull off all your hard work already?  That's right! It is the most fun part!  I didn't need to do a second coat, but if it look like yours does, go ahead and do it.  You should be left with something like this.  
Up close of the texture.  Even though it bled a little because of the texture, I think it adds 
unique character.

Completely optional - I ended up coloring in some of the squares with white just to give it an even more interesting look.  And there you have it!  Your own awesome art.  

Thanks for reading!  And as always, if you don't know how to do something
Bluff It and Do it Anyway!  :)

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